Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Pedagogical Task

Reflect Select one pedagogical task and elaborate it in terms of macrofunctions, microfunctions and grammatical exponents. This time incorporate some technology into it. Think of all the technology that surrounds us, that is part of the lives of our students, and try to make the task related to that in some way.

You are planning a party and you want to invite all your friends. Create a Facebook event and add all of them to it. Then write a wall post about your favourite cupcake flavours and ask your guests their cupcake preferences –chocolate, strawberry, vanillabased on brochures from local bakeries.
Exchanging personal information
Simple present
Likes /  Dislikes
Yes / no questions

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Why Brits just love a cuppa

Britain enjoys an intimate love affair with tea – just look at the facts. On average they each drink 3½ cups of tea a day, or 130,000 tonnes in a year, 96 percent of which are from tea bags. As a nation they drink 165 million cups per day or 62 billion cups per year; 70 per cent of the population (over the age of 10) drank tea yesterday; over 25 per cent of all the milk consumed in the UK goes in their cups of tea.
But why do British people like to drink tea?
There are very few situations where making a cup of tea is an inappropriate response:
Emotional breakdown? Tea.
Life-changing celebration? Calls for a cup of tea.
World-threatening emergency? Tea.
They even tend to make some when they don't know what to do next.
For Brits, the question is why everyone else doesn't drink more tea.

Monday, 9 May 2016

Welcome to the English Bond!

Hello Everybody! We are Marina and Cintia and we are students at the English teacher training college at I.S.F.D y T N° 55 in Escobar, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The purpose of our blog is to share anything related to English that may be of interest for people who love English! Welcome aboard!